Terms and Conditions

The access and use of this web site https://www.samacaorganico.pe/, from hereinafter referred to as “site”, is governed by the terms and conditions described henceforth as “Terms and Conditions”, as well as by the legislation applicable throughout Peru and its territory. Therefore, all visits to this site, including contracts and transaction that a client makes with Sociedad Agricola Samaca S.A.C., henceforth referred to as the user, and for all legal purposes, will be governed by these rules and under Peruvian law and jurisdiction.

These Terms and Conditions will take part in the execution and celebration of all acts and contracts which are part of the commerce of this site, between the user and Sociedad Agricola Samaca S.A.C., whom henceforth will be referred to as «the supplier company».

Consequently, they Terms and Conditions are detailed hereafter:


User registry

Will be mandatory and necessary when purchasing products and services offered in this site: accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the user registry, doing so by registering with the users email and creating a login password for the site.
The Terms and Conditions will be understood as accepted by the registration process, which include an express manifestation of the user on the knowledge of these Terms and Conditions.

The on-site registration is free.
The access by the user with his email and password will allow him to purchase in a personalized, safe and confidential manner.



The user is responsible for the maintenance, confidentiality and safety of his password registered on-site. This will allow the user to purchase, solicit services and other information. The password is for personal use only and sharing this information with third parties will in no case be the supplier company´s responsibility, given it would constitute an improper use of the user’s password.

User rights on this Site
The user is covered by all rights offered by Peruvian current legislation regarding consumer protection, and those covered by the present Terms and Conditions. By visiting this site, which offers certain services and the access to these services, does not impose an obligation towards de user in any way, unless the user has accepted the conditions offered by the supplier company in the means stated by these Terms and Conditions.

Procedure and correct use of this site.
The supplier company will inform, in a easy access and unambiguous manner, the steps the user must follow in order to create a purchase when the user wishes to do so informing via email when the purchase has been processed. This request will go through a validation process in order to verify the user’s information, deposit and payment process and the recollection of the products that the user has selected in regards to stock availability. The order will then be closed and the corresponding invoice will be issued and sent to the user altogether with the delivery of their purchase. If the user were to identify an error in their personal data, they must contact and email the supplier company at any of these two email addresses:
samacaperu@samacaorganico.pe y almacen.lima@samacaorganico.pe.

Payment methods available on -site

The products and services which are offered throughout this site may be purchased under the following three payment methods.

    1.  Online payment (IZIPAY): we accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club). For the payment registration, the user must register on the IZIPAY website, and insert the requests fields of information and then validate the latter through a confirmation email.
    2.  Money Wire transfer: Once the purchase is completed on the site, the user will receive and email detailing the supplier company´s account number with all the relevant information (bank, purchase code and total amount due) in order to proceed with the money wire.
    3.  Cash payment: The user can also pay with cash when the products are delivered and received at the door.

Rounding up or down the final amount due

According to the Central Reserve Peruvian bank (BCR), and their informative memo dated January 5th 2001, when a commercial transaction is made in cash, the monetary denominations will be rounded according to the following:

    1. From S/. 0,01 up to S/. 0,04, will be rounded to S/. 0,00
    2. From S/. 0,06 up to S/. 0,09, will be rounded to S/. 0,10

All the above mentioned monetary denominations will be used without rounding up or down for transactions effected by credit, debit card, checks or similar.


Expressing consent when creating a purchase on-site
Throughout this site, the supplier company will send specific offers regarding their products and services for their brand SAMACA, which can be accepted electronically by email or phone, and by using the mechanisms offered on our site. All offer acceptances will be subject to the supplier company’s validation of the transaction. Therefore, for all operations on this site, the confirmation, validation and or verification by the supplier company, will be a pre-requisite for the establishment of consent. In order to complete validation of any transaction the supplier company must verify:

    • That the selected products are in stock.

Product delivery and handling

The products that are purchased through our site are subject to the delivery and handling conditions chosen by the user and available on-site.

The delivery information is the user’s exclusive responsibility. In any case, the delivery time frames and areas covered for delivery will be sassed based on availability and the suppliers company´s facility.

All orders will be attended based on the defined schedule and their availability.


In Lima:

Deliveries are made on Wednesdays. The order must have been confirmed by the supplier company with at least 48 hours in advance of that shipment day (that corresponding Wednesday). If the order is confirmed with less than 48 hours previous to a Wednesday, the order will be delivered the following Wednesday.

  • San Miguel S/ 10
  • La Molina S/ 15
  • San Borja S/ 10
  • Magdalena S/ 10
  • Pueblo libre S/ 10
  • La Victoria S/ 10
  • Surco S/ 10
  • Monterrico S/ 15
  • Chorrillos S/ 10
  • El agustino S/ 15
  • Cercado de lima S/ 10
  • The rest of the districts in Lima are free of charge for delivery.
  • There may be restrictions for some districts such as: Callao, Los Olivos, Rimac, SMP, San Juan de Lurigancho, Lurigancho, and Villa el Salvador.


    Delivery is available for all provinces, these deliveries will be sent out on Wednesdays, and the shipping cost will be covered by the user.

    When completing a purchase, and the user must provide the supplier company with the following personal data:

      • ID (specify ID type and number)
      • LANDLINE

    If the required information is not completed correctly, the supplier company will not be able to deliver the order and will not assume responsibility.

    The user must check the goods and merchandise received at the moment they are delivered, as a requirement to fulfill de delivery. Once the user express conformity with the products, there is no right to place a complaint.

    Unless the user manifests the contrary when making a purchase, it will be presumed that the person who will receive the products upon delivery is authorized to do so.

    If upon delivery at the given address, there is no one to receive the products, we will call the user/client at the number provided in the information field. If they are unreached by phone, the order will be sent back to our offices and the user will be responsible for both soliciting a new deliver and the costs associated, according to their area.

    During specific campaigns (Ex: Christmas), the delivery methods and conditions may vary. This information will be promptly provided to the user when processing the purchase on-site.

    Cancel an order
    The supplier company will accept order cancelations. For the latter, the user must inform the cancelation with at least 8 hours in advance to its delivery. Cancelations may be request via email or telephone.

    Returns and exchange policy
    The supplier company accepts all exchanges that are duly justified. Returns will only proceed when the user shows the receipt that proves the purchase and delivery of the product that is being returned.
    Returns are accepted for the following cases:

      1. Perishable goods, within three hours after its delivery.
      2. Nonperishable goods, within 24 hours after its delivery.
      3. In any of the two cases, a credit standing note will be generated upon return.
      4. Users that are residents in Lima and Provinces, may exchange product for a different one base on a substitution or may chose a cash / wire reimbursement.

    All money returns will be processed through the same payment method in which they were initially placed or transferred.

    The user states that they have been expressively informed of this condition, accepting them with no restrictions and under their complete responsibility.

    Use of personal data provided on-site

    When creating and registering as a user on the web site, consent must be given in order to use and manage personal data which will be managed as follows:

    Identity and address:

    Sociedad Agricola Samaca S.A.C., R.U.C. N° 20525054889, con domicilio en Av. Tejada No. 510 (Alt. Cdra. 12 Av. 28 de Julio), Barranco, Lima


    Mandatory use purposes: to sell our products, delivery purchases and issue receipts or confirmation vouchers.

    Optional use purposes: sending additional information.

    Persona information:

    Persona information: we will solicit the following information:
    Name, ID, Address, landline and mobile phone number, email.

    Consequences of authorizing the use of this information:

    If the approval and consent is not given for the mandatory purposes stated above, Sociedad Agricola Samaca S.A.C. will not be able to take forwards the actions listed above and will not be able to offer the services provided.
    In the scenarios that consent and authorization for the optional purposes is not given, we will continue to offer our services at our utmost standard and quality, however we will not provide deals and other offers that may be beneficial.

    Nacional transfers:

    Public administration will apply in the cases that deem necessary.

    International transfers:

    International transfers are not processed.

    Bank account information:

    this information will be stored in our client data bank which is in registration process by the National Registration of Personal data and data protection.

    Time of information storage:

    This information will be kept as long as the contractual relationship is valid and existing. Subsequently, they will be kept for promotional purposes until contentment is withdrawn.

    ARCO rights:

    P ARCO stands for access, rectification, cancelation y opposition. These rights, such as canceling consent for use of personal data, can be solicited via email to: samacaperu@samacaorganico.pe or directly at the offices which are located in the address detailed above.
    If the user considers they have not been attended to regarding their rights, they may also submit a complaint to the National Authority for the protection of personal Data addressing their complaint to the Department of Justice and Human Rights.

    Validity of the offers listed on-site

    The price of our products and services that are available will be published in Soles and include the IGV local tax. The price that is on site when purchasing will be the respected and applicable price. Likewise, the supplier company can modify any information related to products, services, prices, stock, existence and conditions, at any time without notice, respecting the purchases that have been places up until that moment.

    The invoices will be sent electronically to the email address provided by the user as personal data throughout the online purchase process. Likewise, the user can request a change in the information and data provided (Business name, name, ID number, Business ID or address) only within 72 hours of having issued and sent the electronic invoice.

    Other web sites.

    The supplier company does not guarantee, endorse nor support in any way, the information that the user may access through links, banners, hyperlinked texts or any other attachment on the site.

    Inquiry and complaints.

    All inquiries and/or complaints regarding acts and contracts executed or celebrated within and throughout this site, can be submitted to customer service at samacaperu@samacaorganico.pe or directly calling 444-3672 / 945-460-472. Additionally, on our home page, you can access our complaint and claims book open to all users.

    Legal capacity

    The services on this site are only available for those who are at legal age and capacity to contract and oblige themselves, in regards to the current legislation. If a person does not have legal capacity to contract, they must abstain themselves from using the services offered on our web.
    The supplier company has the right to suspend the participation of users who are proven to lack legal capacity to use the offered services on this site, at any time, be it temporarily or permanently. The latter can also be taken forward when false, inaccurate or fraudulent information is registered or entered as data.

    Responsibility delimitation

    The supplier company will not be held responsible against users or third parties for any detriment or damage that may be direct or indirect consequence of the interruption, suspension or cancelation of the services offered by our site.
    Photographic content as a reference.
    The images of products presented on-site are referential and aim to offer a general idea of the product to our clients, they are not necessarily references of the product itself.