The Agriculture Association (“SAMACA SAC”), is a business committed to the protection and conservation of the environment and the wellness of its employees. They focus on the production of organic produce and foods that are sustainable in time simultaneously respecting the ecosystem and land.

Samaca is the first organic estate in Ica. Located at the end of the Ica Valley river, (“Where the sand lays”), in the Ocucaje district. The lands of Samaca are composed by a mix of sand and clay making it extremely fertile, it receives and soaks up sunlight all year round.These conditions make it ideal for our crops, such as: olives, huarango trees, legumes of all sorts, pumpkin, wheat, corn and other vegetables.

Likewise, Samaca’s land is home to its 46 workers and employees, musicians, artisans and poets which are part of the local School (Escuela Libre Puerto Huamani). It offers different work opportunities and creates an effective performance of the assigned labors.




Without a doubt, Samaca´s oil is of superior quality. We´ve been working with this product for a couple of years now and have been able to create one of the best potato tortillas in town.

The acidity level and spice is perfectly balanced, the heat of the desert by day and the marine breeze chill, make this Samaca oil the best in quality.

When we think of Samaca, we think of guarantee.

I´m very thankful towards this company as it has improved my health and the health of my clients.

Their products are a warranty to be and feel good.
The products that we consumed in Samaca, are organic, cold pressed and extra virgin. I´ve been working with them for more than 6 years and their attention is very dedicated, warm and trusting in their clients. I recommend them not only because their olive oil has variety, but because it’s the best.
Their Olive Oil is preferred by our clients, by both those who look for an organic extra virgin olive oil with a soft taste, for beginner consumers, and with a stronger more intense taste for those who enjoy the taste of Olive Oil.
At mo Café, we work and focus to offer a high-quality product, by selecting the best supplies from the market. That’s how we came across Samaca, their extraordinary Olive Oil that has highlighted the creative qualities of our products, contributing health, flavor and balance, giving us the security that we need in order to maintain the quality standard we aim for.
Regarding Samaca´s Olive Oil, we asked our cook directly. He indicated that it is very high quality with pleasing scents and flavors, delicate and also strong enough for those products that it´s paired with, like salads, sauces and grilled items.
The perfect combination in order to offer high quality preparations to our clients, based on our passion for cooking and in the supplies, we use. This is why we use Samaca´s Olive oil, unique in taste and exceptional quality. .


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